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$175 per Library Access*

*Library access begins at the time of the first search in a specific library and ends at Midnight Central Time the same day and allows unlimited searches in that library during that time. Our Featured Libraries are Petitions, Elections, Contracts, ULP Charges, and Strikes.

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Rapid Reports

Site Report—$95 per ZIP area*

Shows union information around a specific ZIP Code, with data gathered from all five Featured Libraries. *ZIP area is the first three digits of the ZIP Code.

Union Report—$295 per union

Lists up to 5-years of international and local union information, with data from all five Featured Libraries

Constitutions Report—$65 per union

Full searchable text of the union's constitution, also available in PDF format

Company Report—$35 per company

Displays union information related to a specific company from all five Featured Libraries

Activity Alert—2 Options

$95 for 30-day Report

$50 for 7-day Report

Shows union petition activity around as many as 24 ZIP Codes in one report

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Custom Services

All of the custom services and reports below are delivered via Email.

Eye in the Sky—$495 per month

This weekly report alerts you to organizing activity around each of your company's locations. Eye in the Sky is an efficient, timely, and informative way to monitor union activity around hundreds of locations.

Petitions Report—3 Options

$395 per month daily delivery

$295 per month twice-weekly

$195 per month weekly

This report contains a list of petitions filed each day, sent in Excel format. Subscription to daily delivery also includes a daily list of ULP Charges filed the previous day.

Elections Review—3 Options

$125 Annual Review

$175 Mid-Year & Annual Reviews

$250 Quarterly & Annual Reviews

Our Elections Review contains totals, summaries, and easy-to-read charts of elections held over the past year.

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